The 3-Ps of Online Video Success – Part 1

When trying to grow your online video initiative it can be helpful to break the job down into the 3-Ps: Presence, Penetration and Proliferation. In this series we’ll be introducing this framework and diving deep into each section to help you leverage the 3-Ps for your business.  Subscribe to our newsletter to get the next parts straight [...]

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Are You a 2nd Screen Mesher or Masher?

A friend of mine, Tom Cape of Capablue, told me recently over coffee about this new way of thinking about users of 2nd screens during TV viewing. As the rise of providers of 2nd screen experiences quickens a reactionary new school of thought is emerging to try to make sense of it all. Roughly speaking [...]

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The Content Consumption Path

Let's face it we're all lazy.   We're always looking for the least cost to gain the most benefit.   The shortest route to the reward.  We want to achieve the lowest level of energy expenditure while maintaining our highest level of happiness. In economics this is called Utility and really it is a metric [...]

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Video’s “Invisible Hand”: The Click

Competition in the online video space is not marked by price but by clicks. As video becomes more a commodity produced by farmers (production houses) to be sold at supermarkets and local stalls alike the lessons learned over 300 years ago are starting to ring true for this new economy. The Wealth of (video) Nations [...]

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From Stall to Supermarket: Video is a Product

Sometimes consuming video online is very much like doing your grocery shopping. You head to your local store, you walk the aisles of products that are categorised by type and you pick what you need as you stroll past.  In the end you always come home with more than you wanted - this is every [...]

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