The 3-Ps of Online Video Success – Part 1

When trying to grow your online video initiative it can be helpful to break the job down into the 3-Ps: Presence, Penetration and Proliferation. In this series we’ll be introducing this framework and diving deep into each section to help you leverage the 3-Ps for your business.  Subscribe to our newsletter to get the next parts straight [...]

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4 London Startups to Watch

Over the last year and a half London has been getting increasing attention from the VC industry.    And with good reason. With soaring numbers of startup ventures coming out of the Big Smoke coupled with public and private initiatives like TechCity, TechHub and the focal point of Silicon Roundabout it’s all getting really interesting. Out [...]

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It’s Time to Party Like It’s 1999

Welcome to the 1990s of Digital Media. With the Second Great Digitisation of Everything fading to the RAM banks of society, with only historians and ageing veterans to mark it’s passing we have entered a time where  Digital Media has finally grown up.  Running at a pace that would  at last give a dog something [...]

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The True (Awesome) Power of the Second Screen Revealed!

The Tweet came in innocently enough. At 8:26PM GMT Saturday night, Ernesto Schmitt,  the CEO of second screen startup Zeebox tweeted the true power of the vision beginning to unfold. “Wanna know who won the ratings war between The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent? Hands down guys, hands down:” You could be forgiven to [...]

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